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Pink confesses she faced opposition over her decision to have children

Pink has recently revealed how she was discouraged by her peers in the music industry when she told them she wanted to start a family.

Speaking with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, the singer reflected on her experiences in the industry and how she had faced resistance from the industry not to have children.

“Everyone told me, ‘If you have children right now, your career’s over,” said the 43-year-old via PEOPLE.

Pink, who shares two children with husband Carey Hart, explained how people’s perception changed after her children who only knew her for her “music”.

“Obviously, we’re all much more complex than any of that, but when I had a child, I think it softened me to the world, the part that didn’t understand me,” noted the Try singer.

Pink stated, “And I think that’s when my career began, really. I mean, I did a lot of stuff before that, but really, truly, I think it’s when I started to really understand myself and understand the world and my place in it.”

Pink also explained how growing up with a complicated family dynamic made her desire a fulfilling family experience with her own kids.

The So What hit-maker shared that the complicated dynamic she had with her family while growing up compelled her to have her own children.

“Having a family was really important to me because my family life was screwed as a kid, and I’m super affectionate and cuddly and goofy, confessed the singer.

Pink pointed out, “Just doing music wasn’t enough for me. I was so lonely. It’s a very lonely business.”

“I love writing songs. I love singing songs. I love performing. Sitting with a guitar is one of my favourite things I’ll ever do,” remarked the singer.

However, Pink added, “Cuddling with my babies and taking them camping and being dirty for three days is also one of the coolest things I’ll ever do.”


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