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Prince Harry adding ‘new chapter’ to memoir about Queen’s death and funeral?

Prince Harry is said to be working on adding a new chapter to his upcoming memoir in an effort to set the record straight about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth’s, death and funeral, a royal expert has claimed.

Talking about Prince Harry’s memoir which is expected to be further delayed after the Queen’s death, Daily Mail’s Richard Eden said that the Duke of Sussex could react to reports that he was ‘offended’ by the royal family at the Queen’s funeral in his memoir.

Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, Eden said: “Jeffrey Archer, well-connected in the published world is saying that Harry is writing a new chapter completely.”

He also commented on Prince Harry’s plans with the memoir in the wake of the Queen’s death and him being denied his military uniform during the funeral.

“From what he was saying, it will be dealt with by a new chapter that will be on the Queen’s funeral and the events surrounding it. It will give him a chance to address those stories about him being offended by not being able to wear his uniform and then not having the ER letters on his epaulettes,” Eden said.

Eden went on to share that the latest edits to Prince Harry’s memoir could be to make sure that the Queen is addressed in the right way in the wake of her passing.

“This could be a way that all the tenses are correct, referring to the Queen in the past and then having that new chapter could be a quite elegant way to do with it. It would suggest that the book is being delayed so it may come out next spring rather than next month as we’ve been led to believe.”


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