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Prince Harry Announces Surprise Virtual Book Event After ‘Spare’ Release; Twitter Reacts

rince Harry has a virtual book event for “Spare.”

In January, the Duke of Sussex dropped his memoir published by Penguin Random House. According to People, the publisher will produce an international live-stream with Prince Harry on March 4 at 12 p.m. EST on VIMEO.

Dr. Gabor Maté, author of “The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture,” will join Meghan Markle’s husband at the live event. He is a renowned speaker for his trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development expertise.

At the event, Prince Harry and Maté will discuss living with loss. They will also share their healing journey before answering questions from the audience.

The event will also feature an introduction by Barnes & Noble/Waterstones CEO James Daunt.

Each ticket includes a hard copy of Prince Harry’s book, and all participants have the option to purchase Dr. Maté’s book. Tickets purchased via Eventbrite by March 1 will have the opportunity to submit a question and may see it answered live.

The news of Prince Harry having a virtual event over his book received mixed responses from the netizens. Some were interested, while others were not because they did not deem Prince Harry a reputable speaker about trauma and loss after allegedly subjecting his own family to the same pain through his revelations in his book.

“This is very interesting. One of the biggest takeaways from #SparePrinceHarry is how his young mind dealt with #princessDiana’s death. Since reading I’ve learnt [that] many young people deal with parental death the same way. This is an important discussion,” one wrote.

It’s extremely hard to take seriously the discussion of trauma, stress, & accepting accountability, from some1 who’s clearly stuck in pain. Has inflicted trauma on his family (in a manner that will remain in the public domain 4 eternity) & clearly hasn’t resolved his own issues,” another commented.

“EACH TICKET INCLUDES A HARD COPY OF SPARE So, the ticket price is basically BUYING THE BOOK w/a bonus talk fr H,” another opined. “Also, the questions 2b answered will be filtered bec you need to put it b4 reservation. The publisher needs its money back by all means.”

“So $33.09 for SPARE book plus live talk. So book sales [are] low? This is sad,” another wrote.

“The privacy tour must continue I see. Need more money. Need more publicity. Pathetic,” a fourth commenter added.

Yaaaaaay I just got my ticket and selected both books! I can’t wait!!!!” another fan shared, expressing their excitement about the event.


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