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Prince Harry evicted by King Charles after he ‘crossed red line’ in ‘ultimate act of disrespect’

King Charles allegedly chose to expel his son from Frogmore Cottage after he “broke a red line” in the “final act of contempt,” according to the most recent Prince Harry story.

Charles was allegedly incensed by the revelations made in Prince Harry’s incendiary memoir Spare, especially those involving Queen Consort Camilla.

Harry said that Camilla was in charge of leaking information to the media. He added that he pleaded with Charles not to wed her.

One source believes that these statements “broke a red line” for the King.

Harry’s allegations against Camilla have King Charles “outraged.”
Their eviction was caused by Prince Harry’s allegations that Camilla leaked information to the media and “plotted” to wed his father, according to The Mirror.

2020 saw Harry and Meghan leave the Kingdom after abdicating their regal responsibilities. With their kids Archie and Lilibet, they currently reside in California.

They apparently intended to headquarter themselves in the UK at Frogmore Cottage. But, following their eviction, it has apparently been offered to Prince Andrew.

The “ultimate act of contempt” in the eyes of King Charles, , was when Harry referred to Camilla as “the villain” in a television appearance.

Yet on January 11, the day after Spare was released, he reportedly became so incensed that he started the eviction procedure.

According to an insider, “That was the final straw. Harry was fully aware that Camilla would break his father’s boundary, yet he did so flagrantly ignore.

“King Charles believed without a doubt that crossed a limit,” they said. The height of rudeness was displayed there.

Meghan and Harry have confirmed the eviction

Harry and Meghan have “been ordered to evacuate their house at Frogmore Cottage,” according to a spokeswoman for the pair.

ED! has been in touch with Harry and Meghan’s and Buckingham Palace’s representatives.


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