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Prince Harry Says Cultural Differences Got Him, Wife Meghan Markle ‘Into A Lot Of Trouble’

Prince Harry got candid about the troubles he got into early on in his relationship with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex shared an anecdote while taking “The Colbert Questionert” on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show.” Prince Harry confused the host, Stephen Colbert, with the words “toasty” and “toasting machine” meaning “grilled sandwich” and “panini press,” respectively. Prince Harry noted that he had to be careful with his words.

“The Americanisms to the Britishisms are very different,” he explained, per Page Six. “Got me and my wife into a lot of trouble at the beginning of our relationship.”

The royal and late-night TV host began spitballing language discrepancies like “horse riding” and “horseback riding,” “pavement” and “sidewalk,” and more. The episode was taped in January when Prince Harry appeared on the show to promote his memoir, “Spare.”


He didn’t share the details as to what troubles they had. But he previously mentioned that cultural differences and language barriers played a role in one argument with the former “Suits” star.

“Meg said something I took the wrong way. It was partly a cultural difference, partly a language barrier, but I was also just over-sensitive that night. I thought: Why’s she having a go at me?” Prince Harry wrote, Entertainment Tonight reported. “I snapped at her, spoke to her harshly — cruelly. As the words left my mouth, I could feel everything in the room come to a stop.”

He said Markle left the room for 15 minutes, and he found her in the bedroom.

“She was calm but said in a quiet, level tone that she would never stand for being spoken to like that,” he continued, noting that the incident prompted him to seek therapy.

Prince Harry answered several more questions, including the one song he could listen to for the rest of his life. Prince Harry responded “Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day” by Finley Quaye, and the host said, “not familiar.”

“You need more love in your life,” Prince Harry teased.

“I can’t possibly have more love in my life. Have you met my wife?” Colbert replied.

“Yes, we met earlier. I have dinner plans with your wife, actually,” Prince Harry joked.


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