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Royal Source Claims Prince Harry Supposedly Furious After Queen Promoted William After Platinum Jubilee

Did Prince Harry leave London on a sour note? One tabloid claims he and Queen Elizabeth had a tense reunion during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Here’s what we know.

Harry Upset About William’s New Role?

This week, In Touch reports Prince Harry and Prince William’s feud is alive and well after Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and Harry’s visit did little to bridge the gap. In fact, sources tell the tabloid that a recent announcement from the monarch may have only made things worse. “The queen told the family that she wants [Prince William and Kate Middleton] to take a much larger role than anyone in their position has before,” an insider muses.

“She believes they will be the key to keeping the institution alive in the face of all the growing criticism, because they’re by far the most popular members of the family. William will now have more power than ever before.”

But, despite leaving his royal duties behind, the article insists Harry wasn’t happy to hear the news. “He barely has any relationship with his brother,” the snitch remarks. “Now Harry expects him to be even more insufferable. Harry and Meghan almost didn’t come back for the Jubilee because of how they’ve been treated by Kate and William, so it stung to hear the queen go on and on about how beloved and important they are.”

We’re struggling to buy this tabloid’s story. First off, we have no reason to believe that the queen made any such announcement. If the monarch really had promoted William in any capacity, other outlets would be all over it. But the radio silence is extremely telling, so we’re immediately skeptical of this anonymous tipster’s tale.

Furthermore, we doubt it would phase Harry if William did get a promotion. The Duke of Sussex has been entirely hands-off since leaving his royal duties in 2020. Whatever role William is taking on probably wouldn’t affect Harry in the slightest. It’s obvious this entire tale was spun up to praise William and invent more drama between the royal brothers.

We know better than to trust In Touch when it comes to the Duke of Sussex. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Markle was threatening to divorce Harry if he left the house without her permission.

Then the magazine claimed Harry and Markle were “desperate for cash” and using the queen for money. And more recently, the publication alleged Meghan Markle “makes Harry Cry” with her endless demands. Obviously, In Touch isn’t the first place we’d go for updates on Prince Harry, or any royal for that matter.


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