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Prince Harry’s DNA shock

Rumours have long swirled that James Hewitt is Harry’s real father.

Ever since Prince Harry was born with his shock of ginger hair and news broke of his mother’s torrid affair with a dashing red-headed army officer, there have been nasty allegations that he’s not King Charles’ son.

And after picking through his troubled relationship with Charles in his upcoming memoir, Spare, sources say Harry has suggested through gritted teeth “that it might not be such a bad thing after all!”

“Of course, he is joking, in his own dark way, but parts of him have naturally wondered over the years,” says an insider.

Sources tell New Idea exclusively that Harry, 38, is being encouraged to get a DNA test to set his mind at ease, once and for all.

“It’s was Meghan’s idea,” says a source of Harry’s 41-year-old wife. “She did her own genealogy a couple of years ago and wanted Harry to join in.”

Indeed, late last month. Meghan confirmed on her podcast that testing revealed she is 43 per cent Nigerian, and she’s “going to start digging deeper into this”.

“Meghan thought it would be interesting information to have for her kids, but without Harry’s results, they’d only be able to give them half the picture,” says a source. 

“Whether he went through with it is anyone’s guess – it must be a sensitive subject for him.”

Harry has long tetchily rejected speculation that his biological father is James Hewitt. The former cavalry officer, now 64. had a five-year affair with Princess Diana while teaching her sons to ride horses.

It is understood the illicit relationship began two years after Harry’s 1984 birth, but that hasn’t stopped palace scuttlebutt – even though most courtiers agree that Harry is looking more like 73-year-old Charles as the two men age.

A publishing insider, who spoke to New Idea on the condition of anonymity, says, “Harry has been pushed by his ghostwriter [J.R. Moehringer] to dig deep into the relationship with his father, so it’s likely he will have addressed the Hewitt rumours in Spare. 

“What is certain is that Harry will reveal in this book that he feels Charles hasn’t been much of a father even though they almost certainly share the same DNA.”

Meghan wants her husband to find out the truth ‘Parts of him have wondered over the years’.


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