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Royal Gossip Says Prince Harry’s Memoir Has Apparently Been Rejected By Publisher Multiple Times

Is Prince Harry struggling to pen a marketable memoir? One tabloid claims the duke’s publication date was pushed back because he’s failing to deliver. Let’s check in on the highly-anticipated tell-all.

Insiders Worried About Harry’s Memoir?

This week’s edition of Us Weekly reports Prince Harry’s publishers haven’t been impressed by the first few iterations of his highly-anticipated memoir. While the duke’s book was initially slated for a 2022 release, the project no longer has a publication date.

And now, sources fear that Harry’s work hasn’t been up to par. “Everything is up in the air, and the first few drafts of the book have been scrapped,” an insider spills. “Publishers aren’t paying Harry $20 million to rehash old material or write a book that’s based solely on wellness. They want to shake it up with new gossip.”

According to the article, the duke’s publishers want him to turn up the heat by writing about his recent trip to England. “This book needs to represent Harry’s life in full. So it makes sense to include his return back home and his participation in the queen’s Jubilee [this June], since it will unquestionably be a key component in his personal journey,” the tipster dishes. “Harry’s publishers want to touch on the aftermath of leaving royal life, and that part of the story isn’t finished yet.”

Prince Harry’s Memoir Delayed For Drama?

Projects like these get delayed for all sorts of reasons, and we will likely never know why. And that’s because if Harry and his team were to provide an explanation, they likely risk giving away too much about the book. It’s possible that Harry’s first drafts were unsatisfactory to the publisher. Or, maybe, Harry himself needs more time to produce something that’s up to his own standards. It is his story that he’s selling, after all.

It’s also just as possible that the delay was out of his control entirely. Maybe he needed more time for personal reasons, or maybe the publisher thinks 2023 would work better for their schedule. The possibilities are truly endless. So, anything that tabloids like these have to say is total speculation, and we should always take them with a grain of salt.

More Prince Harry Tales From The Tabloid

This isn’t the first time Us Weekly published a misleading report about Prince Harry. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Spotify was furious with Harry and Meghan Markle, and they very much regretted their streaming deal.

Then the magazine claimed the Sussexes stopped in England on their way to the Netherlands to bid the queen a “final farewell.” And back in January, the publication alleged Harry told the queen that he’d never return to the UK. Clearly, Us Weekly isn’t a reliable source anywhere the Duke of Sussex is concerned.


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