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Prince William and Princess Kate reignite friendly rivalry for latest outing

The Prince and Princess of Wales both have a passion for sports.

During some of their more athletic adventures, Prince William and Kate frequently try to outdo one another in a friendly competition.

And this rivalry will resurface on Saturday when the two go to Cardiff to witness England and Wales compete in the Six Nations tournament. William will undoubtedly support the dragons as Prince of Wales and patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, while Kate will have her allegiance firmly planted with the English roses as the patron of the Rugby Football Union.

In the video below, Kate, who has been known to dabble in a little rugby, displays her prowess.

The couple has a history of bringing their kids to games; little Prince George attended the men’s Euros in 2021 and went to an England vs. Wales game with his parents last year. But on this particular day, just the Prince and Princess went to the game.

The Welsh Rugby Charity Trust has confirmed that the Prince and Princess will visit with wounded players while they are in the country.

The Sir Tasker Watkins Suite, a brand-new area inside the Stadium reserved for use by injured players and their families prior to games, would then be formally opened.

William wore a black coat and scarlet scarf, and Kate looked amazing in a red and white houndstooth coat as they made sure to dress warmly for the outing. While Princess Kate was expecting Prince Louis in 2018, she donned the outerwear item.

The soon-to-be mother of three walked out in the pricey outfit while visiting the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm to learn about Sweden’s strategy for dealing with mental health issues. With a Chanel calfskin bag, sheer tights, and the coat, she disguised her growing baby bump.

The royals shared a team for the plaque unveiling in front of the Welsh Rugby Charity Trust members before to the game.

William joked with a group of wounded players prior to the game that they needed a “little lift” and that things would get “tight” with his wife if England won.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are surrounded by people.
The Welsh national song was sung by the couple during their first game as the Prince and Princess of Wales. Learn how they fared!

Kate Middleton and Prince William grinning
Although England defeated Wales by a score of 20-10, William will leave the game feeling a little let down, but Kate will undoubtedly be smiling the entire way home.


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