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Prince William Delivers Brutal Arguments Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Should Stay Away From The Coronation

It’s bad news for Prince William that King Charles III chose to have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend his coronation.

The Netflix series Harry & Meghan and the autobiographical book Spare have both caused harm and humiliation to the heir to the throne.

The fleeing royals will not be present at the May 6 celebration, Prince William has made clear to his father.

Yet, King Charles has made it known to the public through his aides that he hopes to have both sons present for the coronation.

Prince William has developed a persuasive yet cruel case for why Markle and Prince Harry ought to stay in California throughout the festivities.

Prince William no longer has faith in Markle and Prince Harry, according to royal authority Charlotte Griffiths.

The couple are expected to pull out some prank that will publicly humiliate the Royal Family, in the future King of England’s opinion, if they attend the coronation.

There is a lack of trust between William and Harry, the author observed. William worries that Harry might perform a prank when he’s around, as the Mail of Sunday reported over the weekend. One of his major anxieties is that.

When asked what type of prank the outlaws may be planning, the Mail on Sunday royals editor replied, “Perhaps a walkabout in an underdeveloped borough of London. generally unscripted or not a part of the show. With the death of the Queen, there was a tiny bit of that feeling. When Meghan and Harry went on a walkabout to welcome Windsor’s mourners, it caused a major uproar.

She continued by saying that Prince William intervened to resolve the matter before it came to pass.

She explained: “William stepped in, and in the end, the four of them had that incredibly unpleasant walkabout after the Queen passed away. I wonder if people worry that something similar might occur again.You cannot put any trust in him.

Prince William may be attempting to do the same for the coronation in order to head off any potential problems.

Prince Harry is still considering whether to go with his family or not.

According to reports, Prince Harry is upset that his brother has not expressed regret for the harm he caused him and Markle.

The source stated: “Harry is frustrated that the Palace has not apologised to Meghan [Markle]. He hasn’t even gotten a private apology. He had hoped that his family—especially William—would be honest with him and lay everything on the table, but nothing has changed.

Each side is trying to find a means to avoid the other.


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