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Prince William Wants To Derail Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Stunt Around The Coronation

Prince William has warned King Charles III about inviting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to his coronation ceremony.

The heir to the throne, who has been at odds with his brother and sister-in-law, believes that they will pull a significant PR stunt during the event that will remove the spotlight from King Charles and embarrass the Royal Family.

Prince William is said to be prepared to take action to thwart any wild acts that Prince Harry and Markle might have to upstage King Charles on the biggest day of his life.

It had been previously reported that during Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral, Prince Harry and Markle almost surprised the British people with an unexpected move, and Prince William stepped in to derail it.

Prince William might have to thwart whatever trick Prince Harry and Markle have in mind during King Charles’s coronation.

This time, Prince William has the upper hand because a royal expert has predicted that the renegade royals might steal the spotlight by sharing a rare and precious photo of their son, Archie, who will be celebrating his 4th birthday on the same day as his grandfather’s coronation.

Royal columnist Lee Cohen told the Daily Express that “the couple may try to upstage the occasion with a new photo of their son” and added: “It’s terribly petty, but the Sussexes, who no longer have their royal platform, seem to relish any opportunity to attempt to upstage a royal occasion. It’s not as if the Royal Family seek occasions to upstage the antics of the Sussexes, quite the opposite.”

Royal correspondent Natalie Oliveri chimed in that Markle and Prince Harry will have all eyes on them and should not attempt to pull any shenanigans.

The royal expert revealed: “They’re also being encouraged to not pull any stunts during the Coronation and really stick to the plan. I think their appearance at the Coronation will be very similar to that of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year. We might see them at one or two events,

But largely they will be kept in the shadows because they don’t want to take away from the historical event. It’s also Archie’s birthday, too, so they might host a little party at Frogmore Cottage as they did with Lilibet.”

Richard Fitzwilliams claimed that King Charles and his associates know who they are dealing with and would not let any stunt occur.

The commentator claimed: “Exactly like at the Platinum Jubilee, their role will be strictly controlled, and they won’t have much of a role. The Palace knows what they are dealing with and who they are dealing with – there’s no chance at all that they will overshadow the event.”

A bigger twist for the Duke of Sussex would be to skip the event.


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