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Prince William’s 4th Baby Chatter Steals The Spotlight From Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

While almost impossible, Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, have been able to steal the spotlight from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with an unexpected topic — a royal baby.

Prince Harry and Markle have dominated the month of December in royal news. The power couple was in New York for a bing award highlighting their brave fight against racism.

They have a jaw-dropping docuseries, Harry & Meghan, arriving on Netflix this week. And Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is imminent.

However, Prince William and his spouse have managed to captivate royal fans and observers’ attention with a report claiming that they are open to having baby number 4.

A source close to the future King and Queen of England shared a cryptic quote regarding Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, having a sibling.

The royal insider, who spoke to Us Weekly, explained that Catherine, Princess of Wales, and William, Prince of Wales, have decided to “go with the flow” when it comes to getting pregnant with their fourth child.

The family does not have plans set in stone when it comes to their baby-making hopes. They are telling their entourage if a fourth child comes along, it would be marvelous.

The person familiar with the situation had this to say to the media outlet: “They’re both very grateful for what they have and count themselves extremely blessed to have three beautiful, healthy children to raise. But if a 4th were to come along, that would be something they’d welcome with open arms.”

According to the pal, family and friends would not be surprised if Middleton announces in the near future that she is expecting.

The source continued: “Kate and William are going with the flow in that regard, so this is neither a priority nor something they’ve ruled out. As far as their friends and family are concerned, it’s very much a matter of watch this space.”

Recently, another source told Us Weekly that the Princess of Wales has been eager to have another child, but Prince William was happy being a father of three.

Kate Middleton did some arm twisting and was able to convince her husband that they needed to grow their family.

The person in the know shared: “Kate has been talking about wanting another baby for a while now. She has always wanted four children, and while William was originally happy with three, she has managed to twist his arm.”

King Charles III will certainly be delighted to have another grandchild.


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