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Prince William’s Humiliating Revenge On Prince Harry Exposed

Most people agree that Prince Harry caused the most damage to his older brother, Prince William, with the release of Spare, and after months of plotting, he came up with a humiliating and elaborate revenge.

The British prince held nothing back in his all-time best-selling non-fiction. Prince Harry piled on the heir to the throne in the bombshell interviews that followed after the memoir’s publication.

Prince Harry exposed Prince William as a violent man who attacked and assaulted him on various occasions.

The California-based royal explained that Prince William never helped him during difficult times and did not accept Meghan Markle as part of the family.

When Prince Harry was done with Prince William, he picked Kate Middleton as his next target.

Prince Harry confirmed to the world that Middtelon made Meghan Markle cry during the complex and stressful preparations for her high-profile royal wedding.

Prince Harry dared to leak a series of text messages between the two ladies that painted Middleton as a cold-hearted and privileged woman.

Prince William has finally revealed how he will deal with Prince Harry and Markle for their behavior and the humiliating accusations they made against him.

All seems to indicate that King Charles III made the ruthless move to evict Prince Harry and Markle from Frogmore Cottage to hurt one son and appease Prince William.

It has been confirmed that King Charles sent Prince Harry and Markle an eviction notice in January, soon after the release of Spare.

King Charles took the decision alongside Prince William and other top royal associates. Prince William’s anger and frustration against Prince Harry make it unbearable for them to live even temporarily in the same area.

Middleton and Prince William reside in Adelaide Cottage, a house in Windsor Home Park just walking distance from Frogmore Cottage.

Author Omid Scobie, in a lengthy exposé about the wheeling and dealing that took place prior to the eviction, revealed that Prince William had a say in the matter.

The father and son have been discussing the matter for the past six months.

The royal expert wrote: “Over the past six months, several meetings about the future of a number of royal properties have taken place between Charles, William, and keeper of the Privy Purse, Sir Michael Stevens – a long-serving senior aide who will have played a considerable role in the decision on the Sussexes’ Windsor residence.”

Sources close to Prince William have revealed that he is the royal most upset by Prince Harry’s book.

Those same friends have confirmed that Prince William has ended the relationship with his brother and does not want to see his face anytime soon.

A close royal insider told the Daily Mail: “I hear that William has no intention whatsoever of apologizing and remains incandescent, especially around the way his wife, the Princess of Wales, has been treated. The relationship isn’t even rock bottom now.

It’s non-existent. And I just don’t see, if Harry were to come to the Coronation, how William could even bring himself to look his brother in the face.”

While Prince Harry was busy pushing his stories and humiliating his family, Prince William, who had the upper hand as the heir, was cooking a plan to ban him from the royals and most likely England.

By evicting Prince Harry and Markle from their home, they no longer have the security that they need and will not be able to travel to England.

Scobie explained: “With Harry’s High Court challenge against the Home Office over a decision not to allow him to pay for police protection in the UK still in progress, the loss of Frogmore Cottage means that the Sussexes will soon be without a base in the country which provides the level of home security senior members of the Royal Family have access to. No alternative accommodation has been offered.”

Many predict that Prince Harry and Markle will certainly skip the coronation ceremony.


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