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Prince William’s reaction to new baby photos of him and Princess Diana revealed

Several never-before-seen pictures showed the Prince of Wales.

The late Princess of Wales and Prince William were recently featured in many newly released photos. Prince William’s response to those images has been made public.

The Prince of Wales was seen in the touching pictures being carried by his mother in September 1982, when the prince was only three months old. The pictures were released by The Mirror on Wednesday.

Around 15 years ago, the valet of Lord King gave the disputed photos to Geoffrey Phillips of Snappy Snaps Pimlico, who has a total of 23 pictures in his collection. In 2016, Geoffrey addressed a letter containing the disputed photos to the office of the then-Duke of Cambridge.

When Prince William received the letter and pictures, his private secretary at the time sent Geoffrey a reply describing his reaction. The monarch at the time was claimed to have been very moved upon receiving the pictures of him with his late mother when he was a newborn and expressed his gratitude for how discreetly they had been handled.

Then-Prince Charles, William’s father, is seen hugging his son in another image from the collection while William gazes into the lens. In a third image, the Princess of Wales, who unfortunately passed away in August 1997, is pictured admiring a picturesque rural scene while wearing a white polo neck and a brown sweater.

Charles and Diana can be seen in the adorable pictures being loving parents to their eldest son. A few of the images also feature Diana and Charles with the late Queen, who was Diana’s father.

Picture of Prince William as a young child with his parents, Charles and Diana

They were captured by Baron King, a friend of the royal family and businessman for British Airways, in September 1982 at the monarch’s Scottish estate Balmoral.

The images were purportedly not intended for publication when they were first taken, but they are now being put up for sale. On March 4 at 10 a.m., Willingham Auctions in Cambridgeshire will hold an auction for the photographs and their negatives.


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