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Princess Diana’s plans for Harry and William found on her desk the day she died

Princess Diana considered taking Princes William and Harry to live abroad, according to reports about her future plans before her death.

A recent CornwallLive article reports notes were found on the desk of the late Princess of Wales, who passed away in August 1997.

It is claimed Diana had considered living in the United States following her divorce from Charles.

And the alleged notes are said to have included ideas about the long-term for her sons.

Princess Diana had ‘plans for Harry and William’

Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell apparently mentioned the notes during a Loose Women appearance in 2019.

Furthermore, he is said to have claimed his employer was past the planning stage of buying a home outside of the UK and actually doing so.

And in a further parallel with her youngest son, it seems Diana may have been looking to live in Malibu. That part of Los Angeles is just an hour’s drive from where Harry and Meghan reside in Montecito.

He reportedly said at the time: “Diana was also deciding to spend some of her time in America. In fact, the day she died, on her desk were plans of a home in Malibu in California, which she was in the process of purchasing.”

‘Giving them a different insight into life’

Additionally, it seems Diana had specific reasons for exposing her boys to different aspects of life beyond the royal family.

Mr Burrell is said to have added: “She was going to take William and Harry for three, four weeks every year to America to give them a different culture, to give them a different insight into life.”

More recently, Mr Burrell is said to be concerned he may take Diana’s deepest secrets to his grave.

The cancer-stricken 64-year-old told the Mirror he feels “the time is right” to share her confidences.

“I think what I have to say could bring the boys back together, which Diana would have wanted,” he said.

Mr Burrell went on: “I will only tell them the truth, that is all. I am not looking for anything in return.”


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