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Leaked DNA Test Allegedly Proved Prince Charles Isn’t Prince Harry’s Father, Unverified Report Claimed

Did Prince Charles disown Prince Harry? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop spotted a story about Harry’s real parentage.

It reported a DNA test proved Charles was not his father. Let’s look back on that story and see if there was anything to it.

‘You Are Not The Father’

The cover of the Globe boldly announced “Charles Is Not Harry’s Father.” A brand new DNA test apparently dispelled any doubt over Harry’s heritage.

Leaking this information was Charles’ way of getting “the ultimate revenge on Harry and Meghan for spilling their guts,” a source said.

The results would have been made public, they explained, but Queen Elizabeth ordered it be kept a secret.

Anyone who knows the truth has been sworn to secrecy. The story concluded either James Hewitt or Mark Dyer were Harry’s real father.

Was It True After All?

Rumors about Prince Harry’s parentage have swirled for decades just because he’s got red hair. Harry looks a lot like a young Prince Philip, not to mention that red hair runs in Princess Diana’s family.

This revenge scheme didn’t even make sense from a royal perspective. Ostracizing Harry because his blood wasn’t royal enough is not how you curry favor with the public.

If this story actually leaked like the Globe said it had, then you would have seen a full year’s worth of stories regarding Harry’s birth father.

In reality, this article came and went without a peep. There was never a leak, for it was just this tabloid stirring a controversy that’s been debunked too many times to count.

The truth is pretty boring: Charles is Harry’s father. Just because one has red hair and the other grey doesn’t mitigate the lifetime they’ve spent together. Even with Harry half a country away, he’s still in the line of succession because he’s Charles’ son.

Royal Gossip

This was hardly the final time the Globe used Prince Harry to sell magazines. It announced that he was being disowned by Prince Charles and removed from the will.

Harry’s got his own fortune, so it’s kind of hard for him to be cut off. Charles barely talks about his son publicly, but there’s been no royal decree of disownership.

Just a few weeks after announcing his father was not Charles, this outlet claimed Harry was brainwashed by Meghan Markle.

Nope. He just loves and respects his wife and wants to keep his family safe from the wicked press. Harry’s still in the royal family, so this DNA test never existed in the first place.


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