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PSA: Your PS5 launch warranty in North America expires next week

If you purchased a PS5 at launch in North America, your warranty is about to expire. The information for brought to light earlier today on November 2 by the helpful Reddit post just below, when a user notifies others that the warranties for their launch PS5 consoles is about to expire.

As one commenter points out though, this warranty expiry is only applicable to PS5 consoles in North America, as consoles in Europe have a two-year warranty period.

As the user writes in the post above though, this is basically your last chance to get any outstanding issues with your launch PS5 consoles fixed for free.

So if your console is still having issues with the Rest mode, for example, or GPU bugs and network issues, then you need to contact Sony now to organize a replacement for free.

Obviously, the one-year warranty period for PS5 consoles runs out next week on November 11.

Since PlayStation’s console launched on this date exactly one year ago in 2020, November 10 is technically the last day you’ve got to sort out a replacement or fix under warranty with Sony, before the warranty fully expires the following day on November 1.

Oddly enough, as one commenter points out underneath the original post, the exception to this warranty period is Costco.

It turns out that, since Costco doesn’t classify games consoles as extra-large devices like TVs, they’re basically under warranty until the end of time, just as all other standard purchases from Costco would be. If you managed to bag a PS5 from Costco, you’re in luck!


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