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Queen Consort Camilla to ‘break with big tradition’ during coronation service

Queen Consort Camilla is going to “break with big tradition” during the coronation service, it has been revealed.

The historic event is going to be taking place next Saturday (May 6).

Queen Camilla smiling
Camilla is going to break from tradition (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Queen Consort Camilla to break from tradition

It has been reported that the Queen Consort is going to be breaking from a big tradition at the coronation when it comes around next weekend.

Unlike her husband, King Charles, Camilla will be anointed in full public view at the coronation. She will also be presented with a ring that “marries” her to the King. This marks a big break in tradition.

Camilla will be consecrated with holy oil without being hidden underneath a canopy. The Queen Mother was consecrated under a canopy during the coronation in 1937. However, the King will stick with tradition and be anointed in private.

Lambeth Place also described about how the ring the Queen is going to be given bears the symbolism of a ring exchanged in marriage. The ring in question is a octagonal mixed-cut ruby surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Queen Camilla smiling
Camilla is set to receive a ring (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Big changes for Queen Consort Camilla at the coronation

A spokesman for the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about Camilla getting a ring at the coronation, OK! reports.

“It signifies covenant and agreement, an unbroken bond, without end. It ‘marries’ Consort to King, and them both to God in duty and to the people in loving service, and in turn acts as an assurance of God’s unfailing love,” they said.

Lambeth Palace also explained why Camilla will be anointed in public. They said the uncovered anointing is going to symbolise Camilla’s role as a consort rather than as a reigning monarch.

“The only distinction this time is that there won’t be anything that will obscure the view,” they said.

“This anointing will happen without a screen or canopy to demonstrate the different nature of anointing a consort compared to a reigning sovereign, as this anointing is at the permission of the sovereign,” they then added.

Queen Camilla and King Charles smiling
Charles and Camilla’s coronation robes have been revealed (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Charles and Camilla’s coronation robes revealed

In other news, King Charles and Camilla’s coronation robes have been revealed.

In accordance to tradition, the King and Queen Consort will wear two different robes during the ceremony – the Robes of State and the Robes of Estate. The former are worn on arrival and the latter are worn on departure.

The King’s Robes of Estate are crimson velvet and were worn by King George VI at his coronation in 1937. The Queen Consort’s, meanwhile, were made especially for the late Queen Elizabeth II for her coronation in 1953.

On departure, the King will wear the Robe of Estate –  made of purple silk velvet, embroidered in gold. King George VI wore it at his coronation in 1937. Meanwhile, the Royal School of Needlework made and hand embroidered the Queen Consort‘s Robe of Estate.

The robes will feature a nod to the late Queen, with embroidered Lily of the Valley’s appearing on them. The Lily of the Valley was the Queen’s favourite flower. It featured in her bouquet at her wedding in 1947.


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