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Queen Elizabeth CANCELS Ireland visit on doctor’s orders after being spotted with a walking stick

Buckingham Palace recently revealed that Queen Elizabeth II backed out of her Northern Ireland after receiving word against it, from her doctors.

While there are no specifics on why the doctors advised the Queen to not go ahead with her trip, the palace did assure the public that the 95-year-old monarch is “in good spirits,″ and disappointed to cancel her engagements this week. 

In their announcement via social media, the palace wrote: “The Queen sends her warmest good wishes to the people of Northern Ireland, and looks forward to visiting in the future.″

For now, the queen is resting at the Windsor Castle, where she spent most of her time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

The news about the monarch’s health is concerning as it comes just a few days after she was spotted with a walking stick at a public event at Westminster Abbey.

Prior to that, the Queen has been photographed with a walking stick only once after she underwent knee surgery in 2003. 

The queen has been keeping a low profile and only makes appearances for very important events since the passing of her husband Prince Philip.

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh passed away in April this year after being discharged from hospital following a procedure for a pre-existing condition, but Buckingham Palace did not confirm the cause of his health conditions at the time.

The cause of the royal’s passing was cited as “old age,” according to The Telegraph, which reportedly obtained his death certificate. 


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