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Queen Elizabeth II to NOT participate in solo royal events following latest health scare

Following her recent health scare, Britain’s monarch Queen Elizabeth II will reportedly not participate in solo official events and will have another royal ready to take charge in case she has to urgently cancel on them. According to a report by The Telegraph, via Page Six, the royal family has changed its working model over the Queen’s health.

Page Six reports that the monarch had to previously “reluctantly” cancel her trip to Northern Ireland because of a health scare for which she had to stay overnight in a hospital in London.

“Preliminary tests” were conducted but the health issues haven’t been notified to the public yet. The Telegraph, as per Page Six has reported that the working model that the royal family has taken up has been to ensure that the ageing monarch has somebody from the family to appear in events along with her.

With the help of the new working model, the royal family hopes that the Queen can cancel on events if need be without having to disappoint the public in cases of emergencies, as reported by The Telegraph, via Page Six.

There have been instances when the monarch has been accompanied by her family members for royal events, and it isn’t an uncommon change.

Since the news broke about the Queen’s health, fans and well-wishers have flooded social media platforms with messages for the monarch wishing for her speedy recovery.


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