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Queen Elizabeth Praised For Apparently ‘Outwitting’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Plans During UK Visit

Did Queen Elizabeth tame Prince Harry And Meghan Markle? One tabloid claims that the monarch slapped the Sussexes on the back during their recent visit to the UK. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Queen Elizabeth ‘Outfoxed’Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This week’s edition of the Globe According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hoped that the UK would roll out the red carpet to them at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. However, sources claim Her Majesty stopped it. Harry and Markle had planned to film intimate moments with members of the royal family in order to seal their Netflix deal.

Apparently, the monarch caught wind of the couple’s plans and halted them in their tracks. According to the article it was their filming ban and slap on wrist that caused them to cancel the celebrations. This, along with their exclusion on the royal balcony made for a bad trip. But the queen apparently wanted to send “the pampered prince and his stuck-up wife”Strong messages are key.

Queen ‘Saw Right Through’Sussex Visit

Let’s dive right into the claims being made here. The magazine asserts that the queen issued orders for the exclusion of the Sussexes from her balcony. We have no idea if that’s true. We’ve fielded stories about Prince William, Prince Charles, or even Kate Middleton being the one to ban the Sussexes. So, when the magazine claims to know exactly who made the order but can’t give any more detail than that, we’re certain that it isn’t being truthful.

Additionally, the story about Harry and Meghan being followed by a camera crew upon their arrival in the UK was completely false. There hasn’t been a single verified witness account or any photos to prove that they were trying to film the event. So, this part of the tabloid’s tale is probably also a total fiction.

But finally, we can’t exactly say one way or the other if the queen managed to “outfox”Harry and Markle. Given the state of the queen’s health, we’d assume she has more pressing priorities than Netflix’s schedule.

We do know that Her Majesty has a strong grasp on politics and handling publicity, so we’re certain that whatever decisions she made regarding the Sussexes’ visit were smart ones. But the outlet’s narrative is just misleading. The Sussexes aren’t locked in some strategic battle against the rest of the royal family, so this nonsense about the royals “outwitting”It is simply absurd to think of one another.

The Tabloid About Queen Elizabeth

The Globe is continually publishing fan theories about Queen Elizabeth that are not verified. The outlet claimed that the queen sent coded messages to her royal family last winter through her annual Christmas Address.

The magazine then claimed that the queen had been injured by an accident. “cruel insult” of Harry’s. The publication claimed that the queen was using a mobility scooter to navigate castle grounds. No one was there. Globe She is always in the know wherever Queen Elizabeth is concerned.


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