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Gossip Says Queen Elizabeth Supposedly Humiliated By Prince Charles’ Scandal And Royal Family’s Grifting

Is Queen Elizabeth ashamed of her family? One tabloid claims the monarch is embarrassed to be associated with her relatives’ recent activities. Let’s take a look at the shocking report.

‘Royal Grifters Humiliate The Queen’?

This week, the Globe‘s “Straight Talk” section focuses on the British royal family. According to the opinion column, Queen Elizabeth is fighting an uphill battle as she tries to retain a sense of class and dignity towards the end of her reign. This is, in most part, due to the actions of her sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

As many readers will recall, Prince Andrew came under investigation for his involvement with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and even settled in a civil suit accusing him of abusing a 16-year-old girl. But that isn’t the only blight the prince has cast on the royal family.

More recently, the Duke of York has been struggling to sell his Swiss ski chalet since he’s about $2 million in the hole with multiple lenders. And years back, Andrew was accused of stiffing the previous owner of the chalet a whopping $6 million.

But Andrew isn’t the only one with money troubles. Prince Charles is still under scrutiny for allegedly accepting bribes in exchange for royal honors. Most recently, informants accused the future king of accepting bags full of cash from a Qatari politician.

This comes after Charles was accused of accepting $2.4 million from a Saudi billionaire in exchange for British citizenship and a knighthood. So, according to the article, Queen Elizabeth “faces her final days in humiliation” because of her family’s greed.

What’s Going On With The Royal Family?

Sure, any family seems rotten when you lay all of their mistakes out with very little context. While both Andrew and Charles have come under investigation for some shady behavior, they have never been charged with anything. Whether you believe the sincerity of those investigations or not, Queen Elizabeth is—at least officially—not a mother of criminals.

Furthermore, plenty of members of the royal family have been a force for positive change. Princess Anne and Prince Edward are still held in high esteem. Furthermore, Prince William and Kate Middleton have won the British public’s hearts and are paving the way for an honorable and modern monarchy. While it’s easy for a tabloid to focus on the bad, we’re sure Queen Elizabeth is still proud of what her family has accomplished under her guidance.

At the end of the day, this article is an opinion piece. One person may believe Queen Elizabeth is ready to roll over in shame, but that doesn’t make it true. Despite all past struggles, the queen is still displaying a strong, united front with her successor Prince Charles.

More Queen Elizabeth Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, the Globe is the last place we’d go for genuine updates on the queen. Earlier this year, the magazine accused her majesty of hiding Prince Philip’s will. Then the outlet reported Queen Elizabeth was zooming around palace grounds on a mobility scooter.

And more recently, the publication praised the queen for outfoxing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So, we definitely take the Globe‘s reporting on Queen Elizabeth with a grain of salt.


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