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Queen’s health issues: Princess Mary and Prince Frederik rush to her side

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is undergoing “major surgery” on her back, and her son Crown Prince Frederik and wife Crown Princess Mary are devotedly observing her from their bedside.

The palace said this week that the 82-year-old sovereign had been admitted to Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet hospital after Margrethe abruptly cancelled a number of engagements.

Her Majesty has suffered with back issues for a while, and things have gotten worse recently, according to the palace’s official statement.

Following the procedure, Margrethe’s calendar has been freed indefinitely.

She is anticipated to need a “long term” of physical therapy, so Frederik, 54, and Mary, 51, will have to step up their efforts.

Not for the first time has discomfort compelled Margrethe to have surgery. The Queen underwent knee replacement surgery in 2007 due to osteoarthritis. In 1992, 1993, and once more in 2001, she underwent a number of lesser procedures to remove loose cartilage from her joint.

Margrethe had a prior four-hour back operation in 2003.

The health crisis has served as a sobering reminder for Fred and Mary that the no-nonsense sovereign won’t be there forever and that they are inching closer to their fate, despite the fact that she may come across as being tough as nails.

Margrethe has made it clear that stepping down from the throne is not a choice she will take lightly, much like her great friend the late Queen Elizabeth II.

As long as I live, I want to stay here. I have a lifetime mission,” the Queen declared in 2019. She did acknowledge, though, that if necessary, she would make an exception for “severe illness.”

The Queen would think about abdicating, giving Fred and Mary the opportunity to govern in her place, if osteoarthritis caused her to be in so much agony that it prevented her from carrying out her duties or rendered her wheelchair-bound.

In an emotional address, Margrethe has previously informed her son and Australian daughter-in-law, “You are ready and you will be wonderful at your work.”

I feel confident handing over to such a nice couple because I trust you.

Jacob Heinel Jensen, a royal correspondent, agrees that the monarchy would be in good hands with the couple.

With Mary by his side, “I don’t have any doubt [the Queen] feels Frederik is ready,” he asserts.

She believes that Mary is a strong woman who makes her son shine. Many people already view Mary as the de facto queen.

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