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Reason Meghan and Harry ‘may not want roles at King’s Coronation’ amid ‘anger under the surface’

Harry and Meghan “may not want roles” at King Charles’ Coronation, a PR expert has claimed today (Wednesday, March 22).

The expert claims that there’s a lot of “anger under the surface” which may lead to the Sussexes avoiding the spotlight at the Coronation.

Harry and Meghan ‘may not want roles’ at Coronation

The coronation is just over a month away. However, it’s yet to be revealed whether Harry and Meghan will be attending.

This is despite them being officially invited by the King earlier this month.

According to some reports, if the royal couple do decide to attend, they won’t have official roles at the historic ceremony.

However, according to a PR expert, this may actually be want the Sussexes want.

Shannon Peerless – a PR expert and MD of www.10yetis.co.uk spoke exclusively to ED! about the Sussexes and the Coronation.

“It’s looking like any official roles for the couple are out of the question, but this was to be expected with them no longer being working royals,” she said.

Reason for Harry and Meghan not wanting roles at coronation

The PR expert then continued, suggesting that the royal couple had “valid” reasons for leaving life as working royals.

“The whole thing is getting a little boring now and, dare I say, petty,” PR expert Shannon said.

“Meghan and Harry had perfectly valid reasons for turning their back on Royal life, for their own safety and the good of their mental health, but the establishment might as well fly a ‘You’re dead to us’ flag above the palace,” she then continued.

“I believe all that Harry and Meghan have ever wanted is acceptance,” she then said.

“But they’re unlikely to want official roles at the Coronation because there is still plenty of anger bubbling away under the surface and they want to keep their distance to maintain a level of self-respect after the way they’ve been treated.”

ED! has contacted Buckingham Palace, as well as reps for the Sussexes, for comment.

King Charles warned over treatment of Duke of Sussex

Elsewhere, Shannon also warned King Charles over his treatment of Prince Harry.

Speaking about the Sussexes not getting official roles at the Coronation, she said: “You see, it’s bizarrely not ‘enough’ that Harry is King Charles’ son.

“He is not treating him as such and the royals won’t let that kind of sentimentality cloud their judgement on whether or not to snub Meghan and Harry.”

However, Brand and Culture Expert Nick Ede of East of Eden believes keeping the Sussexes out of the spotlight is the “best scenario” for all parties.

“King Charles wants his family there but he knows that if were to give a role to the Sussexes it may seem disingenuous and all eyes would be on them,” he told ED!.

“Inviting them to attend as part of the family with no role allows them to participate without public and private scrutiny.”


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