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Reese Witherspoon opens up about how much she has changed as she recalls her surprising childhood

Reese Witherspoon is known for her peppy persona and ultimate girly style, especially since starring as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

However, in a recent conversation with fellow actress Kerry Washington, the star revealed that it was most certainly not always that way!

The Big Little Lies lead opened up about her childhood, shared surprising details about her upbringing, and revealed just how much she has changed over the years.

Reese was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has always been very outspoken and proud of her strong Southern background.

She has an older brother, John D. Witherspoon, and in the conversation with the Scandal actress, which both shared on their respective Instagram pages, the mom-of-three revealed just how much her older sibling influenced her when they were growing up.

She admitted: “So I always had my brother’s hand-me-down clothes and hand-me-down-bike.”

Explaining her mother’s approach when raising the two, she said: “My mother was very thrifty,” and letting her Southern accent escape, she joked: “She doesn’t like me to say cheap, but she was thrifty!”

Considering it meant Reese would be walking around in clothes traditionally aimed for boys, Kerry asked: “So did she transform it for you, like turn shorts into skirts?” to which she replied that she absolutely did not, and confessed just how different her style used to be because of it.

She recalled: “Kerry, I was the biggest tomboy. I was such a tomboy. I was a tree climber, I picked up frogs, I love bugs. I spent half of my life at a creek, picking up crawdads and following a bunch of boys.”

As she detailed what a long way she’s come since her tomboy days, she was – quite ironically – sporting a bright, bubblegum pink eyelet blouse.


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