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Exploring The Gossip About Reese Witherspoon’s Supposed $1 Billion Divorce

Are you Reese WitherspoonAnd Jim Toth Are you on the brink of divorcing? Multiple tabloids have reported that the couple’s marriage is hanging by a thread. Here’s the latest gossip about Witherspoon’s marriage.

Reese Witherspoon to Get $1 Billion Divorce

This was late last year. OK! reported Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s marriage was crumbling. Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth were married at the time. Legally Blonde While her husband was in LA, the actress was busy filming a romantic comedy.

While in New York, Witherspoon wept at an art museum. The actress claimed she was overwhelmed by the exhibit but the tabloid said she was really upset about her marriage.

As we pointed out back then, shedding tears while looking at art doesn’t mean you’re divorcing your husband. And since that’s primarily what the tabloid was basing its story on, we just weren’t buying it.

The magazine also relied on outdated notions about who should make more money in a relationship, but we were certain that Witherspoon and Toth weren’t subscribed to its outdated views. This story was, in general, a dud.

Reese Witherspoon: Preparing for life as a single mom?

Next Us Weekly claimed Witherspoon and Toth had been on the road to divorce ever since Toth’s streaming service Quibi went under. “You could tell they weren’t the same easygoing type of couple they’d been in the past,”A tipter noticed.

According to the tipter, Witherspoon & Toth began devising a plan for dividing up their assets soon after. They insist that they knew their spouses. “wasn’t going to last forever.” And, according to the outlet’s narrative, this led to Witherspoon selling her production company, Hello Sunshine, for $900 million.

It was not surprising that the outlet gave up on its weak narrative at the end, instead declaring that Witherspoon & Toth would prevail. The couple didn’t show any signs of wanting to divorce two years ago when Quibi went under, so we don’t see why that would suddenly change now.

Witherspoon was happy after she sold her company for an incredible amount, and it was a joyous time for her family. It wasn’t a smart move to give them the opportunity for an easy divorce.

Reese Witherspoon’s Marriage Falling Apart?

And last, Us Weekly They returned with a completely different story. The tabloid said that Witherspoon & Toth were more like business partners rather than spouses. “Reese and Jim aren’t very affectionate with each other,”A source insider has attested.

“They present as very cold and businesslike… the passion is nonexistent, and they are living very separate lives.” But the outlet insisted yet again that divorce wasn’t on the table.

These magazines all include fail-safes: at the end of each article, the tabloid’s source insists Witherspoon and Toth won’t actually go through with a divorce or let anyone know that they’re struggling. These stories are difficult to debunk.

But we’ve seen this strategy enough times to know that these kinds of tales are the most unlikely. Witherspoon and Toth are stronger than ever after a successful 11-year marriage.


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