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Royal Author Believes King Charles Wed Princess Diana Over Queen Camilla For One Reason

According to Vanity Fair, King Charles III had a public and turbulent relationship with Princess Diana, the mother of his two children, William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex, before he wed Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort. The pair announced their engagement in 1981, and it seemed like things swiftly turned worse.

Even though they had the wedding of a lifetime later that year, turmoil soon broke out in paradise. During their union, scandal and infidelity were in the news. The reason Charles and Diana split up was finally revealed, although it isn’t as obvious as you may think. Diana battled with her royal responsibilities, the media harassed her, and, to be honest, the two didn’t really know each other all that well when they said “I do, According to Town & Country, King Charles’ continued love for Camilla during his marriage to Diana was a significant factor.

Many people questioned why Charles, whose heart appeared to always belong to Camilla, had never wed her earlier. In the present, a royal novelist explains why she thinks the monarch chose Diana over the queen consort.

According to Town and Country, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles have always had a close relationship. Charles was having an affair with Camilla while he was still married to Princess Diana. So why did he not ask Camilla instead of Diana when he initially had the chance? Angela Levin, author of Royal, has a hypothesis.

The author of “Camilla: From Outcast To Potential Queen Consort,” Levin, appeared on “Podcast Royal” and discussed why she believes Charles delayed marrying Camilla. Levin said, “The queen would have been quite concerned about that. King Charles had to have an heir and… I think it would have been pretty difficult for them to have a child.” Because maintaining the monarchy is her only goal. She went on, Also, I believe it’s crucial to note that Charles was pushed to wed Diana. He had to find heirs because he was older than 30.

“And it was a plan between Elizabeth the queen mother and Diana’s grandma,” Levin said in his conclusion,The couple got engaged 13 days after starting their romance, according to Lady Fermoy, who also noted that they actually cooperated. Levin thinks it was all about having successors to the kingdom, and since Diana was younger, Charles marrying her made sense.


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