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Royal family shares updates on Camilla’s health

The health of King Charles’ wife, Queen Consort Camilla, who has been identified as having coronavirus, has been updated by the British royal family.

After Camilla cancelled a trip to a charity that distributes food with King Charles because she is still recovering from Covid, health updates were provided.

Instead of travelling with Camilla as planned on Wednesday morning, the King went alone to meet with staff and volunteers at The Felix Project in east London, according to Hello Magazine.

A spokeswoman reportedly told Metro UK that Her Majesty had recovered well from her illness from the previous week.

Her Majesty won’t be present at today’s Felix Project event, however, to allow for further preparation before to Thursday’s rescheduled literary reception and other obligations.

The monarch’s diary is unaffected.

The second time the Queen Consort has contracted the illness, coronavirus, according to a test result released by Buckingham Palace on Monday.


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