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Royal Gossip Says Queen Elizabeth Supposedly Making It Known That She Hates Meghan Markle

It is Queen Elizabeth Putting Meghan Markle What’s the blast? According to one tabloid, the monarch has gotten fed up with the Duchess. Here’s what we know about the shocking rumor.

Queen ‘Can No Longer Contain Meghan Rage’?

The most recent edition of National Enquirer According to reports, Queen Elizabeth isn’t averse to discussing Meghan Markle as her granddaughter-in­law.

“Her Majesty believes Meghan and her publicity-obsessed antics pose a real threat to the monarchy,” the royal rat remarks. “As she faces her final days, Elizabeth detests this self-centered newcomer for tearing Harry from his family to start a new life together in America.”

Apparently, despite her doubts about the queen, she tried to remain civil when talking about the duchess. But after she decided to express an opinion on the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn federal abortion protections, the monarch is apparently done holding back.

“I’m told Her Majesty has run out of patience with the woman who keeps thumbing her nose at the royals,” The spy squeals. “And she’s letting it be known behind palace doors!”

Queen Elizabeth Bad-Mouthing Meghan Marle

The outlet’s insider admits that they themselves aren’t poised behind palace doors and therefore aren’t getting this information directly. So, if we’re correct in interpreting this tipster’s identity, the outlet is consulting a guy who knows a guy who knows the queen? This alleged “senior courtier”It could be anyone. They weren’t vetted in the slightest—and that’s assuming they even exist at all.

If we were writing about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we wouldn’t rely so heavily on hearsay, but this rag clearly doesn’t hold itself to the same standards. The queen also has more pressing matters than her American husband and grandson. According to recent reports, Her Majesty has decided to Forgo her traditional welcome event for her annual summer vacation at Balmoral Castle for “reasons of comfort.”

As the 96-year-old monarch continues to struggle with her health, we seriously doubt she’s bending the ears of her royal servants to complain about Meghan Markle. The queen has focused her efforts on feeling better and getting as much work done as possible, as has been the norm for several months. Despite occupying the tabloids’ constant attention for the last four years, Meghan Markle is not a priority for Queen Elizabeth.

More Meghan Markle Gossip

We know better than the temptation to trust the National Enquirer The Duchess of Sussex can be found everywhere. The outlet also claimed that Prince Harry and Markle tried to blackmail the queen earlier in the year.

After failing to make it in Hollywood, Markle was reported by the magazine as living a nightmare. Then came the most recent: The publication claimed that Harry and Markle were desperate for cash and broke. The result? Getting in touch is just about the last place we’d go for updates on Markle.


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