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Royal insider reveals Prince Harry’s ‘180 turnaround’ after Meghan Markle

Arthur Edwards, a veteran royal photographer how ‘Harry was special’ but done a ‘180’ when he met Meghan.

A royal photographer has opened up about the change in Prince Harry’s personality following his introduction to Meghan Markle.

Arthur Edwards, 82, captured countless royal moments and on Thursday, appeared on The Project revealing how the Duke of Sussex became more challenging to work with after meeting Meghan Markle in 2016.

He told Sarah Harris: “Harry was somebody special and it was a pleasure working with him. Then suddenly he met Meghan and did a 180 turnaround.” reports news.com.

He used to take the press to the pub at the end of a trip and we would all have a drink with him and a laugh with him and he would pay the bill … But now when I read his book Spare, the media are the evil monsters.”

Arthur added: “I wonder where that change came and it only could have happened after he married Meghan.”

Harry and Meghan wed in 2018 and now, the California-based couple are parents to Prince Archie, 3 and Princess Lilibet, 1.

In January this year, Harry’s explosive memoir ‘Spare’ was released.

The tell-all book featured heavy criticisms of members of his family, as well as the British press.

Arthur- who toured with the royals for more than 40 years previously spoke out on a podcast about his negative experiences with the Duke and Duchess.

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