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Royal Rumor Claims Prince William Supposedly Crashing Harry’s Latest Project With U.S. Visit

It is Prince WilliamTry to reduce Prince Harry? One report says the Duke of Cambridge is coming to America in hopes of destroying Harry’s media circus. Here’s what we know.

‘Kate And William Coming To America’

William and Kate Middleton were thrilled to visit the United States after seven years. They will visit Boston to attend the second Earthshot Prize awards ceremony. Exclusive from Life & StyleThe ceremony will be used by the Cambridges to launch a national tour. Sources say that the ceremony will not be used as a starting point for a nationwide tour, unlike their disastrous Caribbean tour. “William is confident that they’ll nail it.”

The pair apparently timed this trip to coincide with the news about Harry’s tell-all memoir. They want to “shift the focus off of his gossip and onto their good deeds,”A source claims. They have been openly discussing mental health and racism in the Royal Family since Markle and Harry left England. William is determined to stop them from speaking out.

“Harry is paranoid that William will rob him of his dwindling fan base,” An insider’s view. “He felt blindsided when he heard the Earthshot Prize winner would be feted in Boston.” Queen Elizabeth was aware of the plans, and she supports William’s plan to shift the conversation.

Is This What Prince William Thinks?

This story can be absurd on many levels. Harry and Markle are among the most well-known people on the planet. If he’s going to discuss issues in the royal family, the press will always be there to listen. William’s humanitarian prize can’t hold a candle to that.

Furthermore, Life & Style categorizes Harry’s words as “gossip” Which is really telling. Markle and Harry bragged about racism within the royal family. Their words clearly had an impact. If they didn’t, then why would this story exist? This is another piece that tries to grab the attention of the Sussexes. We’ll remind you they don’t have any social media.

The tell-all in question is certainly not coming out when William is in Boston, so what’s this all about anyway? The Earthshot Prize was not scheduled to coincide with William’s petty rivalries. This is all just hooey.

Other Supposed Bombshells

Let’s take a quick look at the backlog Life & StyleThis tabloid is clueless and has no insight into royal affairs. It reported that Middleton was pregnant and had twins in 2017 It announced the exact same thing five more years later: Middleton would be having twins. Yeah… Middleton hasn’t had twins.

We also refuted its slanderous story about Prince Charles committing suicide on Markle. Two things are for certain: William doesn’t live his life according to Harry, and this tabloid has no idea what it’s talking about.


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