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Royal Rumors Claim Kate Middleton Supposedly Battling Meghan Markle, Prince Harry After Apparent Showdown

Kate Middleton hasn’t had much of a public relationship with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Since they left England. Tabloids profit from their tension and claim that both sides are planning for a major fight. Because the royal family lives in shadow, it can be hard for people to discern fact from fiction. Here are a few rumors we’ve confronted about royal confrontation.

Meghan Markle: A Disrespectful Child

According to Neue Idea, Middleton was devastated when she didn’t get to see Prince Harry during the Platinum Jubilee. While she wanted to make contact with her friend, she was unable to bear the thought of sharing air with Markle.

Markle is a beacon of negativity, according to a body language expert. “Meghan made a strong passive-aggressive [move] by turning her head away as Catherine walked past which was disrespectful and childish.”

This story was all over. You would have heard of Markle’s alleged insult to Middleton. Middleton’s inability to see Harry is entirely her fault. Middleton and Prince William were open to a reunion as shown by their meetings with Queen Elizabeth (Prince Charles) and Prince Charles. But they chose not to. This story transforms a petty insult on the Cambridges’ part into a hit about Markle.

A Showdown With Kate Middleton

Per Us, Weekly Middleton declined to contact Markle as a result of the explosive nature of a reunion. According to an insider, “Kate’s still waiting for a meaningful apology and refuses to interact with Meghan unless she absolutely has to.

She finds it very hard to spend time with Meghan and Harry after all the mud that’s been slung.”Harry and Markle decided to stay at Frogmore Cottage, instead of going out.

This was a classic bait and switch that promised a great showdown but delivered nothing. For what it’s worth, Markle and Harry did attend events all while caring for their baby.

Middleton, William had to be available for the baby and it was their responsibility. They refused. Tabloids despise Markle too much to send any flack Middleton’s way.

Prince Harry’s In Danger?

A report by the National EnquirerMiddleton broke her silence about her feud with Harry Markle.

The shocking plan was discovered by a snitch. “I’m told Kate’s interview will be released to counter the publication of Harry’s warts-and-all memoir and the release of the Netflix reality show he and Meghan are secretly filming at their Montecito mansion.” She was the family’s secret weapon to take down the renegade royals.

The Inquire simply took its barbs against Markle and put them in Middleton’s mouth. The works have no tell-all. It would be completely uncharacteristic and go against centuries worth of royal tradition. This was just another scam that promised more than it could deliver.


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