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Selena Gomez Keeps Her Naughty Trouple Situation Going Strong Amid Tension With Hailey Bieber And Kendall Jenner

Selena Gomez has made the decision to address a recent viral video that included the wife of her ex-boyfriend.

Hailey Bieber posted a small clip on TikTok that irritated many users, especially those who support Gomez.

In the video, Justin Bieber’s wife is joined by Justine Skye and Kendall Jenner, two well-known friends.

And I’m not saying she deserved it, but I’m saying god’s time is always right, the trio sang as they stood holding drinks in their hands.

The internet added one plus one quickly and claimed that Bieber, Skye, and Jenner were making fun of Gomez.

The singer and actress was in the news at the time because she had been subjected to severe body-shaming remarks from critics.

Several Gomez supporters referred to Hailey Bieber and her friends as “mean girls” for their behaviour in the video.

Others argued that since no one uses the deceased 2022 trend or old sound without retaliatory intent, they must conclude that Bieber was aiming his ire at Gomez.

Bieber removed the post due to the harsh criticism. She withdrew the video after several commenters accused her of being guilty.

“Is she for real?,” a TikTok user titled ellenacuario asked in reference to the situation. Actually, did she? Although I don’t really keep up with the situation very closely, Hailey wasn’t it who sort of begged for help.

Is she for real? asked ellenacuario, a TikTok user, in response to the situation. She actually did? I don’t really keep up with the topic very closely, but wasn’t Hailey the one who essentially begged Selena to tell off her fans for mistreating her? Really, Hailey is a b—-h.

Selena Gomez said in response to the drama, “It’s ok! I don’t allow these things to depress me! Be kind to everybody!

In a recent interview, Hailey Bieber discussed Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s friendship for the first time.

The model said that while he was dating Gomez, she never got together with Bieber.

No, not even once, she admitted. He had never been in a relationship at the time that him and I started, say, hooking up or anything like. To interfere with someone’s relationship is not in my nature. I just wouldn’t do that. I had a better upbringing than that. I have no desire to carry out that action.

“I suppose there are occasions where you can still kind of argue with someone, but even that wasn’t the case here,” she continued. I can state unequivocally that I was never with him while he was dating anyone. The story is over now. And I had been dating him since I was 18 years old.

The ladies reconciled in 2022, but it appears that new conflict has emerged as Gomez began to enjoy her “trouble” with Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.

Both Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve were spent by Gomez, Peltz, and Beckham together. On Valentine’s Day, the trio began making lewd jokes on social media.


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