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Truth About Lady Gaga Having A Baby With New Boyfriend

Lady Gaga’s personal life has been scrutinized by the media for the years. Recently, the tabloids have claimed the singer was rushing to have her first child with her current beau. Gossip Cop has busted these inaccurate stories. Here are a few times the tabloids were wrong about Gaga expecting a baby.

Earlier this year, NW claimed Gaga was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Michael Polansky. At the time, the singer had just publicly confirmed she was in a new relationship, and the tabloid wasted no time in making the situation weirder. The outlet asserted while the pregnancy wasn’t “planned” the singer “always wanted to be a mom and feels like this is the right time.” The magazine also stated Polansky was okay with going from “what was meant to be a holiday fling to baby-daddy.” Gossip Cop investigated the story and found there was no truth to it. We also checked in with a source close to the situation who confirmed the singer was not pregnant.

Two months later, Life & Style inaccurately stated Gaga was desperately trying to marry and have a baby with Polansky. The magazine asserted the singer was already talking about marriage with the entrepreneur and was ready to settle down. “She’d propose to Michael right now and marry him on the spot if she could, but she’s trying to be patient,” a source told the magazine. While it was true the singer does want to have children someday, Gaga was not “desperately” trying to marry and have a baby with Polansky. Gossip Cop busted the phony tabloids narrative at the time.

A month later, the Globe alleged Gaga had gone “baby crazy” with Polansky. The outlet claimed that once again, the singer was ready to have children with Polansky. A so-called source told the magazine, “She’s openly wanted a baby for some years now, but none of the previous guys were suitable for one reason or another. With Michael, it just feels right. They’ve talked it through and have both agreed to start trying for a baby.” The Globe just recycled the same story from its sister publication, Life & Style, which Gossip Cop corrected. Nonetheless, we dismissed the bogus story when it came out.

It’s worth noting that the narrative of Lady Gaga getting pregnant is not new to the tabloids. One of Gossip Cop’s top rumors of 2019 was an In Touch article that falsely claimed Cooper was leaving Irina Shayk to pursue a relationship with a pregnant Gaga. The magazine asserted Cooper and Gaga were having “secret hotel hookups” and Gaga was “glowing and hiding a baby bump.” The fictitious story was made-up and never happened. Gossip Cop has disputed time and time again that Cooper and Gaga were never romantically involved with each other and they certainly were never having a baby together.

As much as we would love to see a Baby Gaga, we’re positive when the time comes, the singer will announce it herself or through more reliable outlets.


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