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Sarah Ferguson reveals surprising detail about Beatrice and Eugenie’s childhood home

The Royal Lodge has been the official country residence of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and ex wife, Sarah, Duchess of York since 2004. It is also the childhood home of their two daughters Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

The Duchess of York shared a picture of herself standing in the room showing off some traffic light sandwiches she made for a YouTube video on Tuesday.

The duchess recently started a new daily initiative to keep children occupied during the outbreak. Sarah Ferguson reads children’s books every day at 4pm on a video link to help cheer up families during the pandemic.

The Duchess posted the image in order to promote her new initiative.

The caption read: “Today at 4pm on Storytime with Fergie and Friends I am going to be showing a surprise video! My guest friends will be @fatherwhitehall and @hilarywhitehall #storytimewithfergieandfriends #books”

However, many royal fans eyes were drawn elsewhere.

Fans got a rare glimpse into her beautiful drinks cabinet inside her conservatory at Royal Lodge on Tuesday.

From the Instagram photo, you can see several shelves built inside the unit.

The right side appears to hold bottles of alcohol, including gin and port.

There are also two small drawers in the middle to hold small belongings, while a silver tray sits on top of one of the drawers, with cutlery placed on it underneath a white cloth.

The top of the cabinet is covered with beautiful flowers, ornaments and a candle.

It sits in front of double windows which look out into the stunning grounds of the Windsor residence.

In Sarah’s YouTube video, which she filmed to demonstrate how to make the traffic light sandwiches, you can see the left side of the cabinet.

The cabinet appears to be filled with mixers including tonic water.

There are also several glasses and straws on display.

The Duchess has given royal fans plenty of glimpses inside Royal Lodge over the last few weeks thanks to her new Storytime with Fergie and Friends initiative.

Each session the duchess invites her famous friends to read out children’s books each day.

So far, royal fans have seen inside her living room at the Royal Lodge.

The room has a large seating area with a blue sofa, and a bay window with tartan curtains.

Over the past few days, Sarah has read stories in different parts of her home, including her conservatory and dining room, much to the delight of her fans.

The duchess has also been doing her bit for the NHS supporting their #WeAreOne campaign.

She recently wished NHS hero Colonel Tom Moore a happy 100th birthday by sending him a very thoughtful gift.

The Yorks gifted the fundraiser a cake and card, which read: “Happy Birthday Captain Tom, with love to all your family, the York Family.”

Sharing a picture of the cake, Antonia, the Duchess of York’s assistant wrote: “Wonderful and thoughtful cake and card from the whole of the York Family for Colonel Tom Moore.”

The cake was decorated with an edible model of Tom, his fellow soldiers saluting him and his various war medals.


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