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Princess Anne’s insulting comment exposed when she forgot to turn microphone off

As an Olympic silver medalist herself, Princess Anne’s personal experience of the Games meant she was a key part of the team which worked tirelessly to bring the event to London.

She sat on panels, campaigned, offered advice and did everything in her power to help – and has been described as “absolutely integral” to the UK winning.

However, she did make one serious error in the lead up to the games which could have got her in serious trouble.

The Queen’s daughter, who was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympics, taking home silver medals in 1975, made a rude comment about one of her fellow committee members – but forgot her microphone was still switched on.

Sebastian Coe shared the story, which he admits is one of his favourites, during ITV’s new documentary Anne: The Princess Royal at 70.

Speaking about her contribution to the Olympics, he said: “It was always to the point, she doesn’t always suffer falls gladly, she doesn’t speak for the sake of speaking.

“I do remember, after a rather long-winded interjection by one of the committee members, she had actually forgotten to turn her microphone off.

“She managed to mutter the immortal words: ‘I think this person is probably the most stupid person in world sport.'”

However, despite the embarrassing blunder Anne managed to stay completely calm and styled it out in the most professional manner.

Mr Coe continues: “This echoed around the room and she never flinched. It was as thought it never happened, and we just moved on.

“It’s probably one of my favourite moments.”

In the documentary, Prime Minister Boris Johnson praises Anne’s role in bringing the Olympics to the UK.

He said: “She was absolutely integral to our winning the bid.

“Then, she did a huge job with the Olympic Association.”

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Speaking after we awarded the games in 2005, she said: “I really think the team have earned it, they’ve done a fantastic job.”

Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall took part in the London games and won a silver medal of her own, which her proud mum presented her with in front of the rest of the Royal Family.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and Prince Harry couldn’t contain their excitement as she performed, cheering loudly along with the rest of the Team GB supporters.

Anne: The Princess Royal at 70 is on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday.


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