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Meghan Markle lets slip adorable nickname for Archie as she reads him a story

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry invited their fans to storytime with their son Archie in an adorable new video to celebrate his first birthday.

The couple teamed up with Save the Children UK to use the special day to raise awareness of the work the charity is doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video is far more casual than traditional royal birthday photos, and gives us an insight into the family’s new LA life.

Archie is wearing a white t-shirt and a nappy, while Meghan looked casual and relaxed in a blue shirt and shorts.

Archie gets involved straight away and starts turning the pages, but he gets a bit overexcited and keeps turning quicker than mum Meghan can read.

There is a moment where it sounds like he might be about to start crying, but he’s soon distracted by the book.

As Meghan tries to get him to focus on the pictures on the page, she lets slip her adorable nickname for her little boy.

She says: “Let’s go to the next page, look Arch.”

It works a treat, and Archie immediately turns back to the page she’s looking at.

The cute moniker was the inspiration behind Meghan and Harry’s upcoming non-profit project, which they will call Archewell, derived from the Greek word for “source of action”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are understood to be working on plans to run emotional support groups and even a multi-media educational empire.

After reading the next sentence about duck noises, Meghan quacks in Archie’s ear and Harry does the same from behind the camera.

But Archie soon gets distracted by some of his other books and starts wriggling over to try and pick one of them up.

Harry can he heard giggling behind the camera, and Meghan says: “Let’s finish this book first then we’ll have that book.”

Meghan starts to take it off him, but he drops it on the floor instead, to which Meghan says “uh-oh”.

She picks it up again, whispering: “shall we get the book back, we’ll read this one next”, before carrying on.

But Archie has clearly changed his mind and picks it up and throws it on the floor again.

Meghan smiles straight into the camera as Harry tried to contain his giggles.

When they finish reading, Harry cheers loudly and whoops while Meghan cuddles her little boy and says “good job”.

Archie chews on the book and Meghan gives him a big kiss on the head.

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