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Meghan Markle Having A Meltdown On Archie’s Birthday?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are celebrating their son Archie’s first birthday today, May 6th. A tabloid report early this week claims the duchess “snapped” on the big day. Gossip Cop can explain why the ridiculous article is wrong.

“Meghan Snaps On Archie’s Birthday” reads the bold headline of an article in this week’s Woman’s Day, published three days BEFORE Archie’s birthday. While it seems the unreliable outlet may be trying to be clairvoyant, the fact is, the magazine is just inventing a tall take and has no insight into the birthday celebration or Markle’s state of mind.

As the tabloids often do, this article paints Markle as the villain. A supposed “source” tells the outlet, “There’s a lot going on, but Meghan’s main frustration seems to be Archie’s birthday going by largely unnoticed.” This dubious source continues, “Meghan was looking forward to throwing the party of the century and making their debut into Hollywood society, and now she feels the chance has been ripped away.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are isolating in a house in Southern California amid the coronavirus pandemic and of course, that means no visitors and certainly no parties. According to the phony article, not being able to throw a party for a one-year-old has put stress on the marriage. The so-called “source” says, “Meghan’s very good at getting Harry to do her bidding while she insists she’s focusing on mothering,” adding, “Apparently poor Harry was tearing his hair out trying to find stuff he’s honestly never heard of before – smash cakes, socially distant entertainers, gifts for Archie and, of course, something special for Meghan.”

This tired bogus narrative of Markle as the diva is on full display here as the tabloid takes underhanded shots at the duchess that have no basis in reality. Of course, there is likely some stress in the family, as there is stress for every family in the world given the state of affairs, but this fairy tale invented by the magazine of a diva mother demanding her husband go all out for their son’s birthday is completely bogus.

In fact, it seems the birthday so far has been an understated affair. Early this morning, Markle and Prince Harry released a video of the duchess reading a book called Duck! Rabbit! to Archie on the @savethestories Instagram page. Prince Harry filmed the video and can be heard cheering on their son at the conclusion of the story. Obviously the royal couple is quite relaxed as they celebrate Archie’s first birthday.

This is hardly the first time Woman’s Day has attempted to create drama in the duke and duchess’ relationship. Last month, the disreputable magazine claimed Markle and Prince Harry’s supposed divorce papers were “leaked” on its cover. The headline was a straight lie, and in the article, the tabloid immediately reversed its bold, false claim, writing that she could be thinking about divorcing Prince Harry, possibly. She’s not, of course and the story was debunked completely by Gossip Cop. And funny enough, the outlet makes no mention of its previous claim made just one month earlier in this latest article. It’s as if the paper is just making this all up as it goes along.


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