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Bella Thorne Seems Bothered By The Extraordinary Attention Of Her Dog

The most celebrity of Hollywood and also a social media personality, Bella Thorne, took some stunning selfie videos while she was having an intimate time with her sweet dog and shared them via her Instagram Stories.

Bella Thorne shares new images almost every day to show how she is going on her self-quarantine session at her house in California. She didn’t stop and continue to reveal new videos today.

Today, the 22-years-old actress took a selfie-video while she was resting on the bed with her sweet dog and smiled her followers thanks to their funny moments. 

As you can watch her videos below, her dog was trying to kiss her in a french way. Frankly, they were looking enjoyable while spending self-quarantine days. She didn’t write anything with these images, but we wondered about the reactions of her followers.

You can see the Instagram Stories videos of Bella Thorne below.


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