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Royal shock: How David Cameron could have been related to Prince Charles

Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana and long-term affair with Camilla Parker Bowles have become his two most well-known romantic relationships over the years. However, he did have a reputation for being the bachelor prince, especially when he was in his twenties. During his hunt for the perfect royal wife, he courted Davina Sheffield who royal biographer Penny Junor claimed could have been his “soulmate”.

According to Marie Claire back in December, this could have linked the former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the heir to the throne.

Writer Niamh McCollum explained: “The granddaughter of celebrated industrialist Lord McGowan and a cousin of Samantha Sheffield — now married to former Prime Minister David Cameron — she moved in the right circles and was a keen horsewoman.”

Mr Cameron then married Samantha Sheffield in 1996.

Ms Junor revealed in her 2005 book The Firm that Charles met Ms Sheffield in 1976, and she “could have been the soulmate he was searching for”.

She continued: “She seemed ideal in so many ways and they appeared to be very much in love.”

Apparently Ms Sheffield rejected Charles’ first offer for dinner together as she was already dating Old Harrovian James Beard.

However, Ms Junor explained that the Prince of Wales “was so persistent that she eventually succumbed and the boyfriend soon fell by the wayside”.

The royal expert also claimed the two were soon “very much in love”.

However, their romantic bubble was soon to burst when ex-boyfriend Mr Beard told a reporter that he had “lived in sin” with Ms Sheffield prior to her royal romance.

Ms Junor remarked that this hurdle “killed the relationship stone dead” as royal brides were expected to still be virginal by the time they walked down the aisle.

This was exactly the same obstacle which had prevented Charles from settling down with Camilla a few years before.

Davina Sheffield on the other hand, went on to marry Jake Morely, the son of Brigadier.

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While Charles moved on to date many other women before choosing Diana to be his bride, he would still meet David Cameron at a later date but in a completely different context.

The heir to the throne used to write letters to Mr Cameron lobbying him on various matters throughout his premiership.

This was a controversial issue at the time because the monarchy is expected to remain apolitical.

However, in his 2019 autobiography ‘For the Record’ Mr Cameron made it clear he did not mind.

He said he had “no sympathy with those who complained” about Charles’ interference.

The former Prime Minister explained: “Why shouldn’t the heir to the throne write to ministers with suggestions, questions, ideas?

“And why should those letters be made public?”

He added that the so-called black spider memos — named after Charles’ spidery handwriting — did not affect the heir’s future constitutional independence as the monarch.

Mr Cameron is also believed to be distantly related to the Royal Family himself, having descended from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan who had a daughter back in 1801.


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