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Brutal assessment of Prince Andrew behaviour: ‘Ridiculous, sad and needy!’

The Duke of York has recently been in the spotlight over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who last year killed himself in prison while due to stand trial for sex trafficking charges. Andrew has also been accused of having sex with trafficking victim Virginia Roberts, which he has vehemently denied. Now, Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested on sex trafficking charges and has been denied bail.

Ms Maxwell is an old friend of Andrew’s and US prosecutors are keen to speak to him as a potential witness to her alleged crimes.

However, Andrew has always been a controversial royal, having occupied the role of the “playboy prince” in his youth before he married Sarah Ferguson.

An article by Vassi Chamberlain in Airmail in December 2019 entitled ‘Naught Nights with Randy Andy’ contained numerous anecdotes of the Duke’s behaviour during his period.

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

In an episode earlier this month, Ms Gripper commented on some of the anecdotes in this piece, emphasising how they made Andrew appear “bombastic” and “needy”.

She said: “It just gives a bit of an insight into his character, really, and the kind of person he is.

“Obviously it’s her view, and she’s spoken to people who have hung out with him and ex-girlfriends and that kind of thing.

“But it’s that sort of playboy prince atmosphere and how he treated people and most of his jokes would end with “and I’m the Duke of York” or something.

“Just that sense of a kind of bombasticness, and the ridiculousness of it as an individual.

“It’s a bit sad and it’s a bit needy and it’s just a bit uncomfortable.

“And this is someone who is in the heart of the Royal Family and just seems so different, at least from the public personas that we see of the other members of the Royal Family.”

Mr Myers added that a friend of Ms Maxwell, Laura Goldman, has spoken out recently with some rather unflattering things to say about Andrew.

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She told British media that she does not believe Ms Maxwell will spill any secrets about Andrew, because they have been friends for so long.

However, she also insisted that it is all too possible that “spoiled and entitled” Andrew had no idea there was any abuse going on, because he was not intelligent enough to work it out.

Mr Myers said: “It’s been quite interesting to see people who know Ghisaine speak out this week and there is a friend of hers called Laura Goldman, who has been speaking to a lot of British media.

“And she has said that Ghislaine won’t necessarily speak about Andy because she obviously valued their friendship so well.

“However, she did also say that if Andrew was in the vicinity of any alleged abuse that was taking place, he may not have necessarily been aware of it, because he was not necessarily all too intelligent.

“She called him entitled, spoiled, petulant ‒ and these are character plays that have been levelled at Andrew over the years ‒ this bombastic, self-entitled aura about his, so it comes as no surprise that people would now be saying this.”

Indeed, Ms Goldman told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that Andrew was unlikely to know much about Epstein that the public does not already know.

She said: “Prince Andrew doesn’t know a lot. Particularly because he’s not that intelligent, and he is spoiled and entitled so he didn’t really ask any questions about what was happening.”

She has also claimed that Ms Maxwell was in fact a victim of Epstein, rather than his accomplice.

However, several women abused by Epstein claim Ms Maxwell was responsible for recruiting girls to be abused by Epstein.

Ms Maxwell denies any wrongdoing.

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