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Meghan Markle fans spot hidden message on birthday boy Archie’s book

To celebrate Archie’s first birthday today, Meghan Markle shared a cute video of her reading to him and eagle-eyed royal fans noticed a sweet additional to the book.

The adorable clip, with Prince Harry behind the camera, featured the blue book titled “Duck! Rabbit!” and was shared on the Save the Children Instagram page.

However if you zoom into the right hand side of the book near the the top there is a clue little Archie could be following in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reece Witherspoon.

Royal fans revealed on social media that at very close inspection there is a white sticker with black writing that says “Archie’s Book Club”.

So is Archie one of the youngest ever famous names to set up his own book club?

Speculation on social media seems to point at the book being a gift from Oprah Winfrey.

The billionaire TV host set up her book club in 1996 and since then a majority of her selected books have become bestsellers.

One woman said: “Most likely a gift from Oprah, she is known to give her friends who just had babies a bookcase filled with books that says it’s their book club. Prime example is Mindy Kaling.”

Another said: “Probably a gift from Oprah. She does that for all her friends when they have babies.”

A third commented: “Didn’t Oprah said she would give Archie books so I guess the Archie bookclub is from aunty O.”

While a fourth added to the speculation tweeting: “Archie‘s book club, as in a gift from Oprah?”

If Archie does become an ultra young book club founder he won’t struggle to sign up members.

A tweet accompanied with a funny gif of a cat begging said: “I want to join this book club! Sign me up. I’ve been reading rubbish books anyway. Gimmie gimmie.”

Another person asked: “How can we be part of this club?”

The video was shared in support of the charity’s Save with Stories campaign, which aims to raise funds for children and families struggling due to the coronavirus crisis in the UK and around the world.

The caption said: “‘Duck! Rabbit!’ with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex (and Harry, The Duke of Sussex behind the camera), read to their son Archie for his 1st birthday. Happy Birthday, Archie!

“Thank you #DuchessMeghan for helping us to raise urgent funds for our coronavirus appeal by reading Duck! Rabbit.”

During the cute video, Archie can be seen laughing and at one point he gets a bit distracted and starts picking up some of his other books.

At one point, he throws one of the floor and his proud parents can be heard giggling.

To donate visit or you can text STORIES to 70008 to give a one-off donation of £5*. All money raised will support the most vulnerable families in the UK and around the world, helping to provide supermarket vouchers, essential household items, virus protection and early learning packs.


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