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Prince Harry heartbreak: Why Duke is ‘nervous’ about his new life following Megxit

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET why she believes the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex may not have a more private life now that they live in the US. Ms Nicholl also expressed concern over how Prince Harry may be adapting to his new lifestyle following his polemic decision to step back from his role as a senior member of the Royal Family.

She said: “He has the added pressure of now having to forge a new life for himself in a country without an infrastructure, and without the level of support that he enjoyed when he was a prince of England.”

The expert added: “I think there is a great sense of trepidation for Prince Harry.

“As much as he is optimistic about the future, I think he’s nervous about the future as well.

“I think he is apprehensive. He doesn’t have the same support, he doesn’t have the same infrastructure.

“He doesn’t have a clear plan ahead of him. And I think it is probably quite daunting for him.”

And having left a life full of commitments and royal duties for a supposedly quieter lifestyle may not have played out the couple expected.

Ms Nicholl said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “sorely mistaken” in believing life in the United States would provide them with a greater sense of privacy.

She said: “I think one of the big concerns when the couple moved to Los Angeles was security, at least, who was going to pay for that security.

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“It’s my understanding that they’re renting Tyler Perry’s home, which comes with its own security entourage.

“One of the key issues for them is that they are in the spotlight. They attract a huge amount of attention and their concern has always been how they would balance their private lives with their public roles.”

She added: “A lot of people might think that they have been naive in expecting a greater level of privacy in Los Angeles. America has different privacy rules to the UK.

“While they were living in Britain, there were no paparazzi pictures of them. There was still a gentleman’s agreement between the press and the palace that when the principals – the senior members of the Royal Family – were enjoying private time, that private time was respected.

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“So if the couple were papped, then the British newspapers agreed with the palace that they wouldn’t use those paparazzi pictures.”

But Harry is not the only one facing major concerns about his future.

Both the Duke and the Duchess worry that their son is not socialising as much as other babies, and that it may have a detrimental impact in his life.

Ms Nichol said: “I think in that respect, Meghan probably shares the same concerns of many mothers with young children who are living through the lockdown.

“My understanding is that Meghan and Harry have been quite strict and they’ve obeyed the lockdown – they haven’t been socialising. They haven’t seen friends.

“Really the only person that they’ve spent an intensive period of time with is Meghan’s mother, Doria, who is wonderful for them as a family.”

“I don’t believe they have a nanny at the moment. I think it is Doria who is there, very much supporting them as a family, very much being a grandmother with a hands-on role.

“Doria really hasn’t seen much of Archie growing up, and I think they’re really making the most of that family time.

“I have been told that the emphasis very much is on family over friends and that they have taken the lockdown and the government guidance very seriously.”

Ms Nicholl explained that Meghan and Harry have agreed in the fact that they want Archie to have “a normal childhood.”

She added: “They want him to enjoy play dates, they want him to socialise with children of his own age. At the moment, that’s simply not happening.”


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