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Royal feud: Prince William ‘stole the limelight’ during milestone event for Prince Harry

Rumours of a feud have long dogged Prince William and Prince Harry but the departure of the Duke of Sussex from the Royal Family appears to have pacified the two brothers. William and Harry have been known to have been drawn closer due to the tragic loss of their mother Diana at a young age but much like millions of other brothers, there has been speculation suggesting the brothers taken the attention away from the other. A new Channel 5 documentary suggested the Duke of Cambridge began “stealing the limelight” from the Duke of Sussex from a very early age.

Discussing the important role the Royal Yacht Britannia played within the Royal Family, Secrets of the Royals on Tour’s narrator Glynis Barber noted the famous yacht was the stage of one of William and Harry’s earliest battles for public attention.

Ms Barber said: “While Britannia played its role in historic world events, like the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, it’s perhaps most remembered for the more intimate family moments.

“In 1985 in Venice, Prince Harry made one of his first public appearances. Although Prince William stole the limelight.”

Prince Harry, who was born in September 1984, made his public debut as Prince Charles and Princess Diana embarked on a 17-day tour of Italy in May 1985.

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The couple docked in Venice with both their sons, and Prince William immediately attracted the attention of both public and media as he treated bystanders with his first attempt at waving. 

While Princess Diana could be seen rocking and talking to Prince Harry, William focused his attention on royal fans greeting the family of four to their city.

William and Harry would go on to spend many more years on the Britannia with their parents and their grandparents, as the Queen had always been fond of the yacht.

Former footman to the Queen, Paul Burrell insisted the Britannia had felt like a “home away from home” where the Queen could both spend time with the family as well as help represent the UK when abroad.

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Mr Burrell said: “The Royal Yacht Britannia was a kind of a country house floating in a foreign sea.

“Britannia, for the Queen, was home away from home. If you visit Britannia, you’ll see how humble it is in many respect.

“The Queen loved Britannia because of the camaraderie onboard, she loved the fact everybody was working for her and working for that excellence in foreign countries.

“Wherever the Queen arrived, we all made sure that we did our best.”


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Royal commentator Ingrid Seward added: “It wasn’t just used by the Royal Family, it was used by the Government and ministers.

“And it was used to host parties. And every time they got to a new country, Britannia would be there on the dockside as a symbol of Great Britain.”

The Britannia remained on duty for over 43 years, conveying the Queen and other members of the family on 696 foreign visits and 272 domestic tours.

When the royal yacht was decommissioned in 1997, the Queen was seen showing a rare sign of the deep suffering she was undergoing as she bid goodbye to one of her favourite places in the world, shedding a tear as she watched Britannia go off duty.


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