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Meghan and Harry will never get the privacy they are looking for -‘It’s the price of fame’

The couple shocked the world in January after announcing they were stepping down as senior royals and moved to LA with their one-year-old son, Archie. Meghan and Harry are looking to become financially independent from the Royal Family.

But Royal commentary Richard Fitzwilliams believes they will never get the privacy they want because they are among the best known couples in the world.

He told the “They can’t get the privacy they are looking for.

“Firstly, they are a global brand and they will be using that to make money because they want to become financially independent.

“That means one day they will not be needing money from the Prince of Wales. The sovereign grant was relatively small.

“The situation is the want to be financially independent and as far as that’s concerned, their royal status has enhanced that.

“They will not get their privacy. They are not senior royals anymore but they are among the best known couples on the planet.

“This is a problem of course because they need a certain amount of publicity to feed their admirers, their fans, their Twitter audience. It’s the price of fame.”

Although leaving royal duties behind them, both Harry and Meghan will continue to be patrons of various organisations in the UK.

And despite the door remaining open for them to return, Mr Fitzwilliams fears the couple, especially Meghan, will never come back to the Firm.

He said: “I certainly don’t ever see her coming back.

“Remember they have kept their royal patronages so there will be an input from them in certain organisations to which they are still attached in Britain and they have links to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

“He is the president and she is the vice president. The break isn’t total.

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“Harry has lost his military titles for the time being but they will not be filled by anyone else over the next period.

“We will simply have to see what happens.

“The Queen has kept the door open, she said they are always welcome back.

“Although it seems totally improbably at the moment. One of the most fascinating points about the future is you can never tell.”

Next month, Meghan and Harry’s tell-all book, Finding Freedom, is set to to be released.

The book, which has been serialised in the The Times and The Sunday Times, vows to “reveal unknown details of Harry and Meghan’s lives together” as “few know the true story” of the couple.

Published by Harper Collins, the book will go beyond the headlines, “dispelling the many rumours and misconceptions which have plagued the couple on both sides of the pond”.

The 368-page book is said to be an “honest, up-close, and disarming portrait of a confident, influential, and forward-thinking couple who are unafraid to break with tradition, determined to create a new path away from the spotlight, and dedicated to building a humanitarian legacy that will make a profound difference in the world.”

However, both Meghan and Harry have said they have not had any input or been interviewed for the book.

Both royal reporters, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have an insight into the innermost workings of the Royal Family, and have claimed to witness the Meghan and Harry’s lives in a way few outsiders can.


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