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Queen’s finances exposed: ‘Secret’ details of Royal Family’s eye-watering wealth laid bare

Royal finance expert and author David McClure argued it was difficult to judge exactly how much Queen Elizabeth II is worth. However, during an interview with, Mr McClure claimed it can be estimated how much money the Queen has based on her multiple income streams. Mr McClure’s upcoming book, The Queen’s True Worth is set to be released in September and explore in more detail the many ways the Queen generates income.

He said: “There is an enormous amount of secrecy surrounding the Queen’s wealth so you cannot make definitive statements about it.

“One thing that is clearly visible is what comes from her private estate, the ancestral state of the Duchy of Lancaster.

“Those profits have grown enormously since she came to the throne.

“Just in the last 20 years, the year 2000, profits from this portfolio of land have gone up from £6.2million in the year 2000 to this year of £23.2million, that is quite a big jump in just 20 years.

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“One area that is clearly grown in income is the money from the Duchy but there are other sources of money.”

Mr McClure went into more detail about what other things contribute to the Queen’s overall wealth.

He said: “There are things like gifts, the value of her private country estates, Balmoral and Sandringham.

“The Queen has been on the throne close to 70 years and the value of that land, particualrly with the explosion of land values 15, 20 years ago, that has gone up enormously.

“Just by longevity some of these income streams have increased immeasurably in the 60-70 years since the Queen has been on the throne.”

Despite the impressive portfolio, the Queen and the entire monarchy has suffered due to the coronavirus crisis.

Mr McClure warned the monarchy may start looking at more ways to cut costs going forward.

He said: “It is going to be difficult as there is already talk of job cuts at the Palace and Beefeaters at the Tower of London being made redundant.

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“On the public expenditure level, it is clearly going to eat away at them.

“On a broader level, if the Royal Family really wanted to cut costs the best way to cut costs is to have fewer working royals.

“There has long been a debate on when Prince Charles becomes King whether we are going to have a streamlined monarchy.”


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