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Arnold Schwarzenegger Displays The Splits As He Embraces Van Damme’s Signature Move

Iconic Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed the importance of flexibility as pumping on his recent Instagram video and gave his followers some training advice.

If you watch the video, Arnold appeared in the kitchen of his house and showed off splits on the kitchen counter. He was slowly leaning and reaching for his right foot before he repeats the same move to his left foot.

He seemingly challenged 80s martial arts star, Jean-Claude Van Damme, by imitating his signature splits move. However, Arnold explained the joke by leaving the video record. He never actually had split through the Instagram video.

While he making this solid joke, 72-year-old former Mr. Olympia pointed out on flexibility and focus for the nominees of the new Mr. Olympia with his precious words.

Here’s what Arnold said:

“Flexibility is just as important as weight training itself, so here we go. Suck it up, in with your arms, and then bend over slowly to the side.

“Anyway. I feel really flexible today, feeling really proud of myself.”

A fan commented and said:

“You are a funny guy.”

Another fan penned:

“I can do this.”

Watch the Instagram video below.


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