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The Queen’s memorable recollections of VE Day celebrations when she was just 19

The Queen recalled VE Day celebrations as “one of the most memorable moments of my life”.

The monarch recorded an interview for the BBC Radio 4 programme The Way We Were for the 40th anniversary on May 8, 1985.

As a 19-year-old princess, she joined thousands of other revellers after slipping into the crowds to dance and sing outside Buckingham Palace unnoticed with her 14-year-old sister Princess Margaret.

In the archive audio on the royal family’s social media channels, the Queen can be heard saying: “We cheered the King and Queen on the balcony and then walked miles through the streets.

“I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief.”

She reveals how they “cheated” to make sure their parents appeared on the balcony to their shouts of “We want the King”.

“We were successful in seeing my parents on the balcony, having cheated slightly because we sent a message into the house to say we were waiting outside,” the Queen says.

“I think it was one of the most memorable nights of my life”.


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