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Princess Charlotte has inherited a ‘cheeky’ feature from Prince William spotted in photo

Princess Charlotte’s birthday pictures last week highlighted the physical features she shares with her parents. Royal commentators Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie of podcast Royall Obsessed argued Princess Charlotte had inherited Prince William’s cheeky smile. The pair agreed Charlotte has a one-sided smile similar to that of her father.

The birthday photos of Charlotte delighted many royal fans. However both commentators agreed it was difficult to top the pictures of brother Louis the month before.

Ms Fiorito said: “I think Charlotte has her father’s smile.

“The cheeky little smile that you can see in her pictures, to me, is so Prince William.

“Charlotte has a one-sided smile and I love it.”

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Ms Bowie agreed and added: “I think it was hard to top the Prince Louis rainbow DIY.

“But Kate you did it.”

Princess Charlotte’s royal duties are expected to increase as she grows older and a body language expert has hinted the young royal is already showing hints of being able to step up to the role.

Body language expert Alison Ward told, Charlotte is showing confident behaviour already at her young age.

Ms Ward said: “Bless Charlotte, she couldn’t wait to get out front to do her job of starting off the clapping for all our key workers and front line people.

“The royal couple are clearly teaching her the importance of following a job through.

“In addition to doing it well to be of service to the nation.”

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“Princess Charlotte looks behind her to check her at one point to check her family are all doing a good job of clapping and following her lead.

“Charlotte is being brought up to be a strong, assertive woman for sure.”

Princess Charlotte reportedly spent her birthday playing games with her family and also had a Zoom video call with other members of the Royal Family.


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