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Game Of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel Breaks Silence After A Black Man Getting Shot By Cops

On her recent Twitter post, Game of Thrones’ Missandei actress Nathalie Emmanuel showed that she has no patience with police violence and will no longer remain silent on this issue.

A video was revealed on Twitter, and in the video, an unarmed black man getting shot by the cops with a stun gun while he was while shopping with his child at the gas station in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Social media users have reacted to this video due to the recent increased police violence, although there aren’t the details about the video yet.

On Friday, Nathalie Emmanuel noticed the related video and showed her anger to Manchester’s police officers. She pointed out that the black guy was shot by police in front of his child. She also said that someone must start talking about police violence.

Plus, a few hours later, the verified Twitter page of ‘Greater Manchester Police‘ made a statement to respond to the related incident. But, Nathalie seemed is not satisfied after their statement and response.

Here’s what Nathalie Emmanuel wrote:

“I’m sorry what Greater Manchester Police??? In front of his child… Someone better start talking… 😡😫”

In her another tweet:

“Is this a response to two of your officers tasering a man in front of his child?”

A Twitter user named abbygreen3 wrote:

“Oh my god, that poor child…”

Another fan named Mhafiz282 said:

“This is really bad very bad.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.


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